TUDOR Pelagos: The Ultimate Tool Watch

For TUDOR, 2012 is devoted to the sea. Following its chosen path, where style meets performance, the brand is presenting two major new watches this year. The Heritage Black Bay model pays tribute to the company’s rich history, with a fresh interpretation of an old standard created in the 1950s that left a lasting mark on the history of divers’ watches.

The Pelagos model, which is waterproof to a depth of 500 metres (1640 feet), is a fusion of technology and innovation. Its sporting character and impeccable reliability will meet the requirements of lovers of the deep and those who are passionate about the vital marine environment.

The Ultimate Test by Watchonista

During Baselworld 2012, we had the chance to allow you to discover as a preview the fantastic Black Bay and the great Pelagos.

by Malik Bahri – A few weeks ago, the Watchonista team was entrusted with a Tudor Pelagos to lead the “Ultimate Toolwatch Experience.” The website’s logo was engraved on the case back for the occasion, and of course it triggered a fratricidal battle for the opportunity to wear it!

Video by Watchonista

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TUDOR Pelagos - A Sea Diver About to Stir Things Up

During my stay in Geneva for the watch fairs last January, I was over the moon to have my friends from Watchonista, Alexander Friedman and Marco Gabella, present me with an exceptional watch to review.

by Thierry Gasquez – The inspiration for this watch can be traced back to the trend introduced by TUDOR in 2010 with the Chrono Heritage and confirmed in 2012 with the Tudor Heritage Black Bay, which marks a return to basics.

TUDOR Pelagos Review

Although Tudor is a sister company of Rolex, it has managed to become one of the most sought-after brands in recent years.

by Robert-Jan Broer – Where Tudor used to be in the shadow of Rolex for decades, it has matured and became ready for the watch loving crowd. More important, the watch loving crowd showed that it is ready for Tudor as well. The on-going succesful launches during the past few Baselworld exhibitions put Tudor in the spot lights.

A Week On The Wrist: The TUDOR Pelagos by HODINKEE

The Tudor Pelagos. This is a watch I've been dying to get my hands-on for an extended period of time since I first saw it at Basel World in March of last year. And, despite the fact that Tudor isn't even sold in the country in which I reside, I still felt strongly that we needed to review this watch in detail, for your sake.

by Benjamin Clymer – You see, there seems to be an almost preternatural desire to learn more about Tudor from HODINKEE readers. We've received countless emails, tweets, and message about both the Pelagos and the vintage inspired Black Bay, so we did everything we could to get our hands on one. So, without further ado, here is your Week On The Wrist review of the Tudor Pelagos.

Special Review of the TUDOR Pelagos

Many people in the US don't even know about Tudor and if they do they aren't aware that Tudor watches are owned and made by Rolex. The main difference between Tudor and Rolex watches is that Rolex watches use in-house Rolex made movements, while Tudor tends to use base Swiss ETA movements.

by Ariel Adams – Tudor is also a slightly more entry-level timepiece, but certainly not a low-priced watch. What do they have in common? Well for years Tudor seemed to make "baby Rolex" watches. Meaning slightly less expensive versions of Rolex models with design differences here and there. For example, Rolex has the famous Day-Date watch, and Tudor has the related Date-Day watch (true story). A few years ago Tudor started to do something interesting, and that was to increasingly separate themselves away from Rolex designs and do their own thing.